In this episode the fellas discuss communication being a 2 way street and how to give and take on the field.

Adventure Cast Eps.7

They fellas talk about where their travels have taken them and also get into the mental game.

Chantilly Eps.6

The boys talk about what its like to play in France and get into some controversial topics.

Kings Of The Hill Eps.5

The boys talk about the current paintball format, Game of Thrones and much more! We hope you enjoy our 5th episode.

Fedorov & YaYa Eps.4

This is our first episode with guests! We hit our segments and do a full update on our past news story. Enjoy the content you animals.

Reffing Eps.3

This episode the guys cover the current state of reffing and get weird with time and space.

Gun Dominance Eps.2

In this episode the guys talk about the dying art of gun dominance and how not to steal from your friends. Enjoy!

Over The Top Eps.1

Welcome to the Over The Top podcast brought to you by Justin Rabackoff and Nick Leival of professional paintball team Edmonton Impact. In the episode ...View Details

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